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13 janvier 2018

AD Winans: On My 82nd Birthday

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Today I turn 82 and am making some early decisions in regard to poetry. I have been writing and publishing poetry for 55 years and as I have often said, “My poetry and my life are one and the same, they can’t be separated. With this said, I am making some decisions regarding poetry in 2018 and beyond.

I have given countless poetry readings over the many decades, but beginning this year I plan on giving just one paid reading a year.

It has become harder getting to poetry readings of others and I don’t drive at night anymore, so to my friends, do not feel slighted if I am not at a poetry reading you are giving. I may make an occasional exception if the reading is during the day and not far from where I live.

I’ll be primarily submitting work to a handful of print journals that I have a long-standing relationship with although I am always open to sending a poem when asked for one.

As many of you know, I had a bilingual book of poems published in Germany in December 2017 as well as a book on Charles Bukowski published in Turkey. I just completed a book of Selected Poems that will be published in Turkey next year.

For the remainder of the year I’ll be putting together a book of love poems for publication in the UK and concentrating on the last of the Crazy John Poems series.   This will give me 65 published books and chapbooks of poetry and prose. This is my last planned book.   I may still write an occasional poem when inspired to do so, but have published everything I want to publish in book form.

The exception is compilation of works already done for publication by my friends in Turkey, Germany, and the UK.

I never expected to live this long. It has been a wild and rewarding ride. The noted authors and musicians I have met are amazing and the number of loyal friends I have is deeply appreciated.

In friendship for 2018 and beyond.

A.D. Winans





29 décembre 2017

A D Winans: Charles Bukovski ve Yeraltı Devrimi

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The Turkish translation of my book TheHoly Grail: Charles Bukokwski and the Second Coming Revolution is completed and will shortly see publication. The book is 296 pages
(in Turkish only) and will be published in an edition of 2000 copies. Over the last ten years, 20 poems of mine (and an essay on the San Francisco Beat Scene) have been published in Turkey. The publisher, translator and I will be working on a compilation of my poems next year and I’m hoping for a bilingual edition. Very pleased to have a book of mine done is this large an edition.
 A D Winans

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