Al Winans: Remembering Harold Norse


Neeli and I visit the ancient warrior
Praised by William Carlos Williams
And other literary giants
Ninety years old
Early stages of dementia setting in
Plays hide-and-seek inside
His solitary room
Now an old man trapped
In deaths shadow

He reads us a poem from
His collected works
His voice still loud and clear
Like Sunday church bells
Lays the book aside becomes
Frail and vulnerable again

This rock of ages with peaked hat
Walks slowly with us to the cafe
Across the street complains
As Neeli orders him a cup of coffee
‘ »Make mine black, » he says
Then asks why I didn’t put milk in it

This forgotten warrior walking
Back to the care facility
Neeli shielding him with an umbrella
To ward off the cold rain

« That’s my hotel, the Beat Hotel”
He says
Hotel Nirvana racing inside his blood

He stops says, “I can’t go on.”
Out of breath
As if the next step might be his last

He is like a bird
His eyes nesting
In my soul
Feeding on poetry
The Sum total of his life


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